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Hello Yogi!

Martina smiling standing on a bridge in the mountains.
"My name is Martina and I created Yoga Time YAY for us! I am a Bulgarian by birth and roots, a Londoner by nurture and expression and a Lisbonite through transformation.
My inner compass guided me to set up Yoga Time YAY! - where children learn by staying curious, create with love and grow in connection. To themselves and each other.
Yoga cartwheeled itself into my life around 2004 and we've been friends since. It's been a journey! I settled into the world of children’s wellbeing by serendipity, in 2015. That's also been a journey! I like travelling, you see...
It is children's inherent sense of wonder and creativity and their capacity to love and connect that inspire me to stay enthusiastic, to grow in patience and believe in the magic that surrounds us all.

I am also a poet, a sea lover, an earth protector and a crystal collector! A kirtan devotee and a Vata Pitta, always chasing blue skies and hot suns around the world!

I am a forever student of Yoga and I am lucky to be able to share its magic with you, as your honoured teacher! I can't wait to meet you and learn more about YOU!"

Martina's name with the sign-off x o x o in yellow colour.

Wellness Training, Qualifications and Further Development

Rainbow Kids and Family Yoga Trained in Lisbon, Portugal.
Yoga Nidra Facilitator in Lisbon, Portugal.
Second Degree Usui Reiki Practitioner in Lisbon, Portugal.
EFT/TFT Tapping Practitioner in Lisbon, Portugal.
Advanced Diploma of Astrological Studies. Lisbon, Portugal.
A colourful cover of a free, digital, children's activity workbook to download.
Download your FREE printable e-workbook for your younger yogi called The "Seasons In Me".
It includes yoga poems, creative activities and not a plank in sight. Enjoy!

Pens and pencils not included. No spamming either. YAY!

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