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Where Deep Rest Meets Healing

Community Reiki & Yoga Nidra

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Moments of quietude where deep rest meets healing
An invitation to experience two healing arts at once, in the heart of Lisbon. We begin with gentle movement to ease the body into the floor, as you settle into surrender for a guided yoga nidra meditation. The art of rest, known as yogic sleep, invites you to open your heart and hear its rhythm. It invites you to experience complete relaxation allowing only an inner awareness of your spirit to be discovered and held. It invites you to look within for all that you desire and honour it by allowing it to surface.
As you remain in your comfortable cocoon, gentle music continues to soothe your practice as you as a group receive Reiki - the art of energy healing. We intend to integrate a sense of belonging during the yoga nidra and dissolve any physical and emotional blocks whilst receiving Reiki.
We end by returning to our cosy space feeling lighter and well-rested, calmer and realigned.


> The practice is suitable for people with reduced mobility.
> The practice is suitable for speakers of all languages, it does not require you to have a certain understanding of English/ Portuguese.
> No previous experience or knowledge is required. The practice is suitable for anyone who is happy to lie down or remain seated for the duration of the workshop and just receive.
> We just ask that you are over the age of 17.
> What might you take away with you from this workshop? Hopefully nothing :) We are intending to leave things behind instead; to leave lighter than when we arrived.
Place: Little Yoga Space Lisboa, Rua da Assunção 42, 1100-044 Lisboa
Date: every last Saturday of the month
Time: 18:00-19:30
Contribution: 15€ p/p in-person and 13€ p/p online (saving you 75% of the price of a private session)

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