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Healing takes practice.

Healing at Yoga Time YAY! is not a linear event. It doesn't follow an invariable path, as it welcomes the mess with the orderly; the clear with the confused; the new with the saged. Just like the nature of our lives. Sometimes it flows and at other times it requires us to remember why we set on the journey of healing in the first place. But it always takes practice. And practice takes time.
Coming back into balance of mind-body-spirit is the essence of all approaches to wellbeing. The desire to feel better and at ease in our minds and bodies. The connection to spirit, whether expressed through nature or faith, through song or through silence. The need for stability and calm when life offers challenges. The right to health and vitality. Feeling whole is the essence of wellness.
Below are the healing arts, which followed Yoga in my own path, and which I felt called to explore further in order to share them with you, as your guide and facilitator. I am honoured and humbled by the trust you place in me to share and serve in your own healing journey.
It's really better together.

For tailor-made consultations, sessions and treatments of several practices combined, please get in touch. All sessions take place in Lisbon, Oeiras and Cascais. Also online. Individual session prices below.

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Yoga Nidra - The exquisite art of rest.

Known as the ancient Indian practice of yogic sleep, a complete relaxation of body and mind, allowing only an inner awareness of the spirit to be discovered and given attention. To serve you. It’s a way to totally relax as you’re guided into meditation to explore the qualities of self-care and self-nourishment.
We often lead busy schedules at work and home, with long to-do lists and responsibilities in all areas of life. Sometimes we crash and need a reset. Yoga Nidra is where it all comes to a standstill, giving yourself, or your children, the opportunity to recuperate. To integrate a sense of belonging. To feel at home within ourselves by honouring the subtle voice within and creating a loving, cozy feeling of wholeness.

Note: Individual and group yoga nidra meditations in Lisbon and Cascais, tailored to your needs. See timetable for details of group sessions or enquire below for a private booking. All kids and teen yoga classes include a yoga nidra guided meditation suited to their age group and class theme.

Cost: Adults, private class 30 mins - £/€30; 40 mins - £/€40. Available in packs of 5 and 10. Please enquire below.

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Reiki - The subtle art of energy healing

Reiki Healing invites us to surrender to that which is bigger than us - energy. In Japan, we know it as 'ki'. In China we say 'qi'. In India and yogic traditions we call it 'prana'. It's our vital life force that flows through every cell of every being, reminding us that we are all connected and that disharmony and disease comes from disconnect. As you rest lying down or seated to receive Reiki through gentle touch, we are both intending to dissolve any blockages in your body which are preventing you from a full, joyful experience of life. Reiki enhances any traditional, allopathic and other complementary treatments.
It invites us to surrender to its potent, yet gentle healing; to refrain from asking 'how'; to stay open to the possibility of powerful transformations and to allow it to realign us back to our path of feeling balanced in mind, body and spirit.
Reiki teaches us to trust in our own facilitation of wellbeing, the Reiki Therapist purely delivering it to you. You are your healing, because you've intended it so. Because you've surrendered control. Because your desire to feel whole eclipses our conditioned despair.
Offered in gratitude to Dr. Mikao Usui and my Reiki Master Charlotte Missenden.

Note: Group Reiki sessions in Lisbon are offered as part of other events. See timetable for details. For private sessions or distance healing, for both children and adults, in a central Lisbon location or in and around Oeiras and Cascais, please get in touch.

Cost: Children (up to 17 years old) 25 mins - £/€25; Adults 30 mins - £/€30, 45 mins - £/€40.

Available in packs of 5 and 10 sessions. Please enquire below.

Two images of a woman in nature and tapping on hand using emotional freedom technique.

EFT - The wild art of freedom

Tap, tap, tap to wild wellbeing! The possibilities of Emotional Freedom Technique, simply referred to as Tapping, to heal and bring a sense of calm amidst anxious thoughts and downward spirals, are countless. Whether we’re holding onto past hurts or recovering from physical and emotional pain, tapping on a sequence of specific points, located on our face and upper body, can ease us back into a sense of balance and peace.
Melting away negativity, untangling anxiety or clearing fears, addictions and low-moods are some of the disharmonies that tapping can help tackle. By applying gentle, but firm pressure, in a tapping motion to stimulate the acupoints along the path of meridians, together we address the ball of tension and stress that we are so accustomed to carrying, restoring our natural sense of feeling good...really good! And FREE! Can you imagine!?

Note: Group EFT (Tapping) sessions in Lisbon are offered as part of other events. See timetable for details. For private sessions, for both children and adults, in a central Lisbon location, in and around Oeiras and Cascais, or online, please get in touch.

Cost: Children (up to 18 years old) 45 mins - £/€35; Adults 60 mins - £/€45; 3 sessions - £/€120.

Martina looking towards the full moon. Martina with her oracle deck.

Astrology - the eternal art of co-creation

The practice that brought everything together and my favourite language. That of the stars. If Yoga is the practice of my heart, Astrology is the practice of my soul. Some would argue that the heart and the soul are one and the same...
It was through this very art of co-creation that my own path became clearer and aligned. I became myself, as I was meant to be. Once I learnt that the tales the sky was revealing to me were woven into my being from day one, all I needed to do was dance with them. My favourite stories and books as a young child were those of the ancient wonders of the world and Greek myths and legends. As a teenager, I was obsessed with the characteristics of each zodiac, but it wasn't until I was already on my own healing journey, in my 30s, that Astrology fully manifested itself and I began to explore it professionally.
In case you're curious, I'm a Pisces sun, with a Cancer Moon and a Virgo Rising. My nodal axis sits in the 3rd - 9th houses, the axis of the student - teacher. I have Chiron conjunct my MC, on a double Yod and my chart ruler, co-ruling my MC is in the 7th. Once I understood that my own pain was my own choosing, part of a bigger picture, I embraced acceptance and with that awareness I began making different choices. Understanding that 'fate' was applicable as long as I was on board and there were times when I truly wasn't. Ready or willing. I learnt that my own deep and dark night of the soul was one of the most precious gifts I could have received. Destiny and I were finally dancing to my own beat.
I invite you to explore your own path of co-creation, your own magic and your own signature self, together with me. Once we understand that the language of the stars is there to guide us and give us our dreams and desires, we begin to live with more acceptance and start taking aligned action towards a life fulfilled. What sounds like simple buzz-words is in fact the way in which we begin to live. As we are. Whole.

Astrology readings in Lisbon, Oeiras and Cascais. Also online. Readings from £/€22.22. Tarot and oracle card readings in Lisbon available upon request. From £/€12.21.

Signature Readings

A toddler's hand on top of his father's palm.
"How to love your child" - Parent/Child Moon Synastry Reading revealing how you and your child would best connect and nurture your relationship.
30 mins or 60 mins. From £/€22.22
A woman standing on a path in the outdoors.
"A path on purpose" - Karma/Dharma Reading, revealing your past-life or early-years lessons vs future purpose and life mission.
30 mins or 60 mins. From £/€33.33
A pendulum hanging over a compass.
"The Healer's Way" - Turning Wounds to Wonders Reading, revealing your or your child's core wounds and how to turn them into wondrous virtues.
30 mins or 60 mins. From £/€22.22

Note: Once you've paid for your Astrology Reading session, please email play@yogatimeyay.com with your booking confirmation in order to schedule your reading. All readings are via Zoom. Astrology readings is Lisbon can also be arranged. Due to the nature of this service, all purchases are final.

For details and additional prices, as well as monthly, annual, full natal chart readings, relationship readings (synastry and composite) or specific questions, please get in touch.

Natal chart readings from €77.77 for up to 90mins.

May your choice to work with me serve both our highest good. Thank you.

And so it is.

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"I use Martina's reading sessions regularly, because I get a lot of value from it and it gives me guidance. I like listening to her presentation. She does a reading with so much passion and enthusiasm. I even bought one of her card decks that I use very often if I need clarity on something. Thank you Martina!"

- Astrology client

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