Two images of a group of children smiling and yoga pose cards for a game.

Time to Shine! YAY!

A Family Yoga Workshop for little people with BIG hearts and their families.
We’ll gather one by two and three by sometimes four
We’ll grab a bottom cushion and sink down slow
We’ll set a mission for the next two hours… or so!

We’ll rise up tall to greet the sun
We’ll bend our knees and to the earth we bow
Jumping back as pirates on a plank
Looking up again to see the moving clouds

We’ll be trees with deep, deep roots
We’ll blossom into flowers or our favourite fruit
We’ll turn towards each other to trust and tell
We’ll begin to wonder in adventures that in our minds are held

Visions of dreamy missions
Acrobatics and play
Dancing to music all the way from Bombay
Stretching the mind not only the limbs

Becoming yogis to tell in tales like unravelling strings
Becoming together laughter and love
Sharing our gaze and the power of touch
Becoming as one below and above

Sitting in settled circles of trust
Balance the mind, body and heart
Creating our dreams onto canvas
With colourful beams

Creating ourselves in this moment to be
Creating together, you and me
Together we flow and we station
We move and we know we can be whatever we want

As long as you’re here by me

Together, we meet in early Summer
Together, we breathe like a 70s drummer
Together, we learn, we stretch and we bend
Together, wishing our time has no end
Two images of Little Yoga Space Lisboa in Lisbon and a group of people during family yoga.


This is for you if you:

  • have a willingness to stay curious

  • have a thirst to explore

  • are not bothered by mess

  • are open to stillness

  • are fearless when faced with a dancing song

  • are completely cool with just doing your own thing...but think together IS better!

You will walk away with:

  • a renewed sense of joy

  • a rediscovered funny bone

  • tips and tricks to take home

  • new friends (hopefully)

  • a muscle ache or two the next day (not guaranteed!)

  • never-seen-before yoga poses (courtesy of your own child)

  • a new-found respect for naps

  • maybe...just maybe, a yogic snack!

This event is for families with children from the age of 5+, no upper age limit. Due to space requirements, the workshop is for 1 adult and 1 child only. If a second adult/ child would like to attend, please get in touch on

Pictures and/or recordings might be taken to use for promotional purposes. If you would rather not be photographed, in any capacity, please let us know on arrival.

Please send any questions or queries to

To book your spot click on the BLUE button above or below to head over directly to the Little Yoga Space Lisboa Website.

Place: Little Yoga Space Lisboa, R. da Assunção 42, 1100-044 Lisboa

Date: Sunday, 18th September

Time: 11:00-13:00

Contribution: €22 per family (1 adult & 1 child, due to limited spots)

A colourful cover of a digital workbook to download.
Download your FREE printable e-workbook for your younger yogi called The "Seasons In Me".
It includes yoga poems, creative activities and not a plank in sight. Enjoy!

Pens and pencils not included. No spamming either. YAY!