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Yoga, cooking and healing practices for children, teens and families to inspire curiosity, creativity and connection!
Two images. One group of people doing yoga outdoors and a group of families together in child's pose
Family Yoga Time takes us on an adventure of connection!
We honour the ancient Indian yogis before us by learning from their mastery of balance in body, mind and heart! We get creative with elements of partner yoga and acro-yoga as we watch the world turn upside down! We practice communication and support to cultivate our trust!
We stay curious by exploring stories of magic and myth for little and big and we often end up in a little snooze during a moment of stillness, usually provided by an indulgent yoga nidra relaxation.

We incorporate art, music and dance for a joyful and inspirational celebration of us! Just as we are. WHOLE.

Group and private family yoga sessions; in person or online.

See timetable for details of the next Family Yoga Workshop or get in touch for a private class.

Baby yoga with mum, dad or carer. Baby and kids yoga props.

"Grown Up & Baby Yoga" class for a parent/carer and their baby. Includes yoga and movement for both adult and baby, songs and story-time, sensory play and a ton of hugs and kisses! This is your opportunity to improve your strength as you deepen the connection with your baby during baby yoga.

The gentle moves are designed to help you relax and find ease and comfort in your new body, if you are the mum. Your baby learns to settle and grow in awareness of its surroundings while enjoying light yoga stretches and age-appropriate sensory stimulation.

Baby Yoga can help promote soothed sleep and improved digestion. It strengthens neuromuscular development and increases body awareness. Best of all, it's a joyful way to bond, to explore and to find calm amidst the mayhem.

This is a safe environment, led by baby. Expect rhymes, songs, cries, curiosity and laughter!

Group and private "Grown-Up & Baby" yoga sessions; in person or online. See timetable for details or get in touch.

A group of teenagers in a yoga circle.
Two children performing a partner yoga pose outdoors.
Arts, crafts, mindfulness and journaling activity for children, teenagers and families.
A yoga teacher smiling sitting on a yoga mat.
A group of families engaged in arts, crafts and mindfulness activities in a yoga class.
A colourful cover of a digital workbook to download.
Download your FREE printable e-workbook for your younger yogi called The "Seasons In Me".
It includes yoga poems, creative activities and not a plank in sight. Enjoy!

Pens and pencils not included. No spamming either. YAY!