Modern-day parents and carers are presented with a multitude of challenges as they aim to create the coveted “work-life” balance. Ever increasing demands - personal, professional and social, put a strain on parents’ bodies, nervous systems and mental health. Children can sense their parents’ dysregulation and through no mal-intent of their own, add to their already frail wellbeing. The increasing choice and availability of wellness modalities and practices can sometimes add to the overwhelm. There is just so much pressure to be “well’ and so many ways to get there!
This webinar will focus on balance instead, with the ultimate intention being ‘wholeness’, which is at the essence of wellness. ‘Wholeness’ requires us to recognise and welcome those times when we’re not feeling so great. It invites us to accept those transitory states. We’ll be discussing how using the modality of Kids Yoga in the life of your children can ultimately support and empower you, as a parent or carer.
When confronted with changes, children usually tend to be better at handling those. In this webinar we’ll look at how staying curious, as both children and adults, can help us improve our relationship with ‘change’. We’ll look at what ‘creativity’ means and how we can use it in our daily problem solving. We’ll explore connection, using the modality of Kids Yoga, to help us feel a little closer to ourselves and of course, each other. To help us understand that we are similar in our differences we’ll play with the practice of compassion.
This webinar is for anybody who cares for or works with children and is looking for ways to strengthen their relationship with the children in their lives. This will be a dynamic session where we’ll be using examples from Kids Yoga classes to illustrate the themes discussed. Children are welcome and encouraged to join and participate. There will be an opportunity to ask questions at the end.

Curiosity. Creativity. Connection.

Kids yoga teacher holding a silk flower and inhaling with eyes closed and Lisbon studio logo.Kids yoga teacher holding a silk flower and inhaling with eyes closed and Lisbon studio logo.
- How Kids Yoga Can Support the Modern-Day Parent and Carer


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