On New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve retreat image of Martina looking out to the sea.
New Year's Eve retreat image of Martina looking out to the sea.

Reflect, Release & Retreat on New Year's Eve

Reflect, Release and Retreat on New Year’s Eve
You’re invited to experience a carefully curated selection of holistic practices a.k.a healing arts, which engage the senses, release tension and set the tone for a New Year of wholeness.
You begin with a gentle Yoga Flow that leads to building some heat in the body and aligning breath to movement. Working on balance and stability, getting started to anchor your vision for the new year ahead. You continue with Partner Yoga next, to open your heart to trust and connection. A Tapping (EFT) session will follow, to melt away any resistance to change and take you on a ride to wild wellbeing!
Moments of reflection and release come up next during a guided journaling practice and oracle card pulls, leaving 2022 behind and taking with you only that which sustains you. You move between the past and the future by embracing the present, releasing any blockages through community Reiki healing and completing your wholesome experience with a guided Yoga Nidra meditation, centering on your intentions for the new beginnings that lie ahead.
This night is intended for those who would like a New Year’s Eve Celebration that focuses on your inner scape, that nourishes you from within and honours your personal rhythm, through moments of quietude, where deep rest meets healing. Returning to the wisdom of the body, exploring the power of the mind and consciously connecting to your community.There will be two short breaks during the event to give you the chance to make new friends or to perhaps meet already familiar faces. Tea, refreshments and light bites will be offered during the entire evening and music will complement some of the practices.
The event is set up in a way so that you can attend one of two halves only, if you wish (in case you want to catch some riverside fireworks!) To revel in the richness of the practices, you can attend the entire evening. This option offers a sliding scale contribution and is of the best value.
Option 1
“The Firework Junkie”
Time: 20h-23h
Practices: Welcome Circle, Yoga Flow and Partner Yoga, Tapping (EFT), a Wholesome Break, Reflect & Release Journaling and Card Pulls (3 hrs, 35€)
Option 2: “The Starry Visionary”
Time: 22h30-02h
Practices: Reflect & Release Journaling and Card Pulls, Community Reiki, a Wholesome Break, Yoga Nidra, Closing Circle (3.5 hrs, 37€)
Option 3: “The Tools for Total Wholeness” (Best Value)
Time: 20h-02h
Practices: Six hours of total wholeness with like-minded people, in an intimate setting with nourishing practices (all of the above), healthy snacks, complementary music, a workbook and treats to take away. (6 hrs, Sliding scale 45€-65€)
Only 8 spaces available. If you would like to bring a friend and enjoy a little bonus, please get in touch on
Place: Little Yoga Space Lisboa
Date: Saturday, 31st December 2022 - Sunday, 1st January 2023
Time: 20h - 02h
Contribution: From 35€


I am thrilled to have you join me! It is my intention that by choosing me to guide you, only your and my highest good will be served. Thank you. And so it is!

A colourful cover of a digital workbook to download.
A colourful cover of a digital workbook to download.
Download your FREE printable e-workbook for your younger yogi called The "Seasons In Me".
It includes yoga poems, creative activities and not a plank in sight. Enjoy!

Pens and pencils not included. No spamming either. YAY!