Exploring the power of the Goddesses through Yoga and Astrology.

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"You. Goddess!"

Exploring the power of the Goddesses through Yoga and Astrology.
Lucy and I invite you to join us in a series of workshops exploring the significance of the Tridevi in the practice of Yoga and Astrology. You'll discover the source of potentiality called 'shakti' - divine feminine power and how each of the Tridevi expresses her strengths and manifests her qualities in everyday life. You'll dive into the characteristics of the planet associated with each of the Goddesses and how to best work with that energy.
Shakti is the force that continuously encourages us to keep evolving and expanding our consciousness. We'll merge the worlds of yoga and astrology through theory and practice in order to connect with each of the distinctive characteristics of Parvati, Lakshmi and Saraswati, in turn.
Starting with Parvati and the Moon, on 16th July, we'll go through the practices that best help us cultivate her essence within us, learning how and when to call upon her.
The practices involved might include yoga asana, mantra, meditations, dynamic movement, creative visualisations, journaling and more. No previous knowledge or experience of yoga, Vedic mythology or Astrology is required to participate. Just a curious thirst to connect with yourself and share your energy with the rest of the group. The workshop is suitable for both men and women, of any age or ability.
Little Yoga Space Lisboa yoga studio.
Place: Little Yoga Place Lisboa, Rua da Assunção 42, 1100-044 Lisboa
Date: Saturday, 16th July
Time: 11h-13h
Contribution: €27


Yoga teacher in Lisbon.
Having originally trained in Hatha/Ashtanga, Lucy now practices and teaches in a much more embodied way, allowing space to drop out of the mind and into the body.
She uses a combination of Yoga Asana, somatic movement and breathwork to rebalance and calm the nervous system. These have been the practices that have been most profound in her own personal practice.
Lucy's style is soft, fluid and often breath led. There's no strict alignment, just you and your body, however, it needs to be in that moment.
You can connect with Lucy on Instagram @luce_bryan
Yoga teacher in Lisbon.
Martina is the Creator of Yoga Time YAY! A place for yoga, cooking and healing practices for children, teens and families to inspire curiosity, creativity and connection.
She is a certified Family Yoga Teacher, a Yoga Nidra and EFT (Tapping) Facilitator, a Second Degree Reiki Practitioner and an Astrologer.
Martina believes wholeness is the essence of wellness and shares the practices that make her feel as she was meant to. Whole.

You can connect with Martina on Instagram @yoga_time_yay

We are thrilled to have you join us! It is our intention that by choosing us to guide you, only your and our highest good will be served. Thank you. And so it is!

A colourful cover of a digital workbook to download.
Download your FREE printable e-workbook for your younger yogi called The "Seasons In Me".
It includes yoga poems, creative activities and not a plank in sight. Enjoy!

Pens and pencils not included. No spamming either. YAY!