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A cover of a digital product.A cover of a digital product.

The "Seasons In Me" Workbook

A cover of a sticker sheet.A cover of a sticker sheet.
10 Weekly Journaling Pages for the mindful yogi who's just getting started with journaling and free-form writing.
Choose from your favourite colour pattern to inspire your flow. It includes 5 easy tracker prompts to help notice any patterns in your experience and encourage reflection.
Suitable for all yogis over the age of 9 and especially suitable for ages 13 - 16.
A cover of a digital colouring sheet.A cover of a digital colouring sheet.
A cover of a digital calendar.A cover of a digital calendar.
A colourful cover of a digital workbook.A colourful cover of a digital workbook.
Download your PDF workbook, specifically created for the younger yogi in mind to inspire their curiosity towards a journey through the seasons within.
It includes four poems, short activities to explore how they experience each season, to encourage reflection and a celebration of all that we are. Curious. Creative. Connected.
Suitable for ages 5-7 with the help of a grown up or 8+ independently.
(If printing at home for best results and to be kinder to the environment, please use an A5 format.)

Weekly Journaling Pages

Monthly Timetable Calendar

A monthly calendar template to use as a timetable each month, to track any projects, after-school clubs and those all-important dates that teens sometimes forget about!
It includes an inspirational quote and a section for notes.
Suitable for all school age children and especially older ones who manage their calendars/ timetables independently.

"Children" Word Cloud Colouring Sheet

All things "children"! All things YOU! Get your brightest pens and pencils to mindfully colour-in the word cloud, thinking about each word as you get to it and what it means to you.
As you colour each letter and word, practice saying it out loud and using the space underneath to write them down. If you want to challenge yourself, list them in alphabetical order!
Suitable for all ages that like to colour. Little and BIG!

30 Affirmation Stickers

Get your sticker paper ready to print these 30 Affirmation Stickers and get stickering! Includes 5 simple and easy to understand affirmations designed using the colours of the rainbow. Each colour corresponds to an energy centre in the body also referred to as chakras, which at YTY we call the yoga rainbow inside!
For more on kid and teen friendly chakra chats, follow @yoga_time_yay on Instagram!
Tag me with your stickers whether they are on your pencil cases, t-shirts, bag packs, favourite mugs, notebooks and more! I'd love to see them!
Instructions can be found on the sheet. Suitable for all ages.

Moon Signs Colouring Cheat Sheets

A cover of a digital workbook.A cover of a digital workbook.
We all know our star sign, right? I am a Pisces, what about you? This is also known as our Sun sign. Did you know that we all have a Moon sign too!? It can tell us a lot about how we relate to our family and what gives us a sense of belonging.
Use these Moon Sign Colouring Cheat Sheets (12+2 bonuses) to learn a little about the moon signs as you relax into a moment of colourful ease and comfort. Cosy socks and blankets not included.
Suitable for all ages and curious minds. Little and BIG!
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