"Life in YOUR Element"

An Immersion of Yoga and Astrology

"Life in your element". An immersion.

Place: Little Yoga Place Lisboa, Rua da Assunção 42, 1100-044 Lisboa
Date: Sundays in May
Time: 15h-17h
Contribution: 22€ p/p
How does life feel when you’re in your element?
Join me to discover the magic of the elements through Yoga and Astrology in the heart of Lisbon. Each Sunday in May you’ll immerse yourself with me to learn about and practise each of the four elements - Earth, Water, Fire and Air
The elements in Astrology are at the core of how we operate and often relate to others. They are the foundation of Astrology. In this webinar, you’ll explore each of the four elements, the signs and planets associated with these as well as their differentiated roles depending on their modalities - cardinal, fixed and mutable.

The program is below:

“Unearth your grounding” Sunday 30th April
Ground your energy through an earthy yoga practice focusing on strength, discipline and flexibility, particularly in the lower body. Explore the Earth element in Astrology by dissecting the past like a good Virgo through reflective journaling and building your future with the help of Saturn, by creating your own manifestation board, expressing the abundance you’d like to come into like a Taurus you can trust.

“Unravel your intuition” Sunday 7th May
Discover the flow through your form with a movement practice that begins to open up those hidden chambers of the creative heart. Using yoga and movement to discover where we are open and ready to receive life's magic and where some of our blockages lie. Meet your Moon in the face of others through a partner meditation, write love letters to yourself and REdiscover your soul purpose. Walk like Jupiter and learn to release with the help of Pluto. The practices include yoga and creative movement, meditation, Astrology theory and creative writing.

“You are stardust!” Sunday 14th May
Build fire in your belly with a Yang Yoga practice that stokes your drive, by focusing on the upper body! Become strategic like Aries through creative exercises and shine your generous heart like a lustrous Leo! Light up all of your desires and find your talents. Take action towards achieving your dreams by creating a plan to take forward with clarity and enthusiasm. The practices include yoga asana including partner yoga, visualisation exercises, Astrology theory and creative planning.

“Float.” Sunday 21st May
Inhale a lighter, softer way of being as you float on the sounds of healing songs and mantras, playing in the background. Explore the deeper realms of the mind with guided visualisations. Dance like Mercury! Learn to move through life with the elegance of Air and speak your beautiful mind. The practices include reflective exercises, yoga, movement, Astrology theory and meditation.

This immersion can be enjoyed as four separate workshops and to truly immerse yourself with each of the energies and topics offered, you can also participate in it for the full four weeks, discovering ALL of the qualities within YOU and finding joy when you’re truly in your element!

The practices shared are for beginners as well as those already versed in both Yoga and Astrology. Each workshop will include both theory and practice on Yoga and Astrology in relation to the element on the day, a creative exercise, meditation, movement, stillness, music and silence, safe touch, support and full acceptance and respect of one another's personal choice to participate and/or share.

This is an invitation to explore, to play, to discover, to unearth, to unravel, to shine, to share, to heal, to pause, to rest, to laugh and to connect…

Refreshments will be provided, as well as any additional props, equipment and workbooks.

By signing up to attend one of the workshops you’ll also get a personalised workbook. It includes your own Elemental make-up, as well as tips and guidance, using your personal birth chart (time, date and place of birth is required.)

By signing up for two or more workshops (for example for your dominant element and the one you're deficient in), you get 10% OFF using the code ELEMENTS10.

Join me from your personal level of interest and curiosity and engage with these practices in the best way that could serve you.

If you have any questions please email me on play@yogatimeyay.com


“Unearth your grounding”

“Unravel your intuition”

“You are stardust!”



1 Immersion

4 workshops

4 elements

3 modalities

10 planets

12 zodiac signs



Sound healing



Dynamic movement


Partner Yoga




Connection games

Open Circles

...and more!

If you have any questions, please email play@yogatimeyay.com

"Life in YOUR Element"

An Immersion of Yoga and Astrology


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