"Cosmic Blooms"

Yoga Nidra Sound Bath

An image of Martina, Gonçalo and a flower with a sunset.
An image of Martina, Gonçalo and a flower with a sunset.

"Cosmic Blooms." A nidra sound bath

An extended yoga nidra sound bath is what dreams are made of. Literally.

Two meditative practices, dancing together to offer you the softness of effortless relaxation and the gentle embrace of knowing you can just.let.go.

This session begins with a deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra, guided by Martina while Gonçalo calms your nervous system using the vibrational medicine that is the sound of tibetan bowls, gongs and other sound therapy instruments.

You'll maintain your awareness throughout the session as you begin to travel to those spaces within you that are often hidden or closed. You might experience a contrast of emotions, a variety of sensations and a deep awareness of truth. Your inner truth, where you can find inner peace and complete relaxation.

Together, you'll honour new beginnings by planting new seeds during your Yoga Nidra, as inspired by the Aries New Moon. You'll nourish and nurture them to the soothing sounds of the sound bath, into full BLOOM.

Place: Little Yoga Space Lisboa, R. da Assunção 42, 1100-044 Lisboa
Date: Friday, 21st April
Time: 20h-21h30
Contribution: €22

Come into full BLOOM.

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Martina holding flowers in her hands
Martina holding flowers in her hands